I know you’re a busy man, but I wanted to take the time to say thank you for the experience you provided to my son during the youth league. Ty enjoyed himself and learned a lot about the game and the importance of teamwork while participating. He has been talking about strategy, technique, and the game in general, since the league began. I think the best part for me is that I have seen his interest in paintball and his confidence level grow exponentially, which means I have many more years of paintball ahead of me.

I appreciate the one on one attention and coaching you provided and I have a far better understanding as to why Pev’s is such a great place to play.

Thanks again and we will see you around.

Brian Snyder – Capital One

To Mr. Peverill, Ms. Mack and Mr. King,

First and foremost thank you. Today my wife and I took our ten year old son to play for the first time at your Aldie location and I cannot speak highly enough of your staff and facility. The day was a complete success from handing the waiver to the clerk to shaking the refs’ hands as we left for the day.

I feel it is vital to inform you that your refs in particular were exemplary throughout the day, both in their smooth operation of the day’s events as well as their vigilance in addressing safety concerns. I repeatedly witnessed a delicate balance between professionalism and patience exhibited from your ref staff even in the face of the unfortunate disrespect and misbehavior of other players. While customer misbehavior is an unfortunate inevitability, your staff was composed and comfortable in handling the day’s complications, and what’s even more worthwhile is that their motivation was clearly the safety and well being of people unwilling to internalize that the rules that were being enforced were for their benefit. I sincerely doubt I would have been as dignified were I forced to deal with the situations they handled throughout the day.

Speaking with Mr. King, I was able to get the names of the refs I hadn’t introduced myself to throughout the day. It was our pleasure to play under the supervision of Kenzo (Burlow), Kory (Cooper), Kate and Casey. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get Kate and Casey’s last names. These four in particular stood out as an unignorable component in what was a complete blast of a day, enough so that I believe it appropriate to bring it to your attention.

Thank you again. We look forward to coming back in the very near future and hope that the service is as cordial and professional as it was during our last visit.

With Gratitude,

Louie, Nicky and Cammy Sprung

Hi Todd

This is Carlos. I just wanted to say thank you. My family and friends had an awesome time on Sunday. It was a great experience for it being their first time playing. Thank you for making it happen and looking forward to playing  again soon.


Carlos Casas