Birthday Parties

Party Options Starting As Low As $19.99 Per Person.

Birthday Parties are available by reservation 7 days a week.

Vital Info:

Park Address
Pev’s Paintball Park
39835 New Road
Aldie, VA 20105

Minimum Ages / Private Parties: Starts as early as 9am
Pee Wee Paintball – Ages 5 to 8
Low-Impact Paintball- Ages 8+
Regular Paintball – Ages 10+ Reservations OR Walk On’s

Park & Pro Shop Closed Monday’s & Tuesday’s

Park Saturday -Sunday Hours

Check In: 10:30-1pm; Play Time: 11am-3:00pm

Pro Shop Wednesday-Friday 10am-5pm; Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm

Reminder only paintballs purchased at Pev’s with Pev’s Logo printed on them allowed to be use at Pev’s Paintball Park. Pev’s offers 2 different formula of paintballs Winter formula and Summer formula. Pev’s Paintball has the right to refuse paintballs that are 4 months and older due to the safety of players.

Dress for the weather, we are open in the rain, snow & shine!

Make a Reservation

Frequently Asked Questions about playing at Pev’s Paintball:

Open every weekend

We are open everyone Saturday & Sunday for Walk On play (Paintball and Airsoft). Please check out our hours and prices on our Walk On page.
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