Below you will find a listing of the most Frequently Asked Questions here at Pev’s Paintball. They provide basic information that most first time visitors will need when visiting our facility. Some of these FAQs also link to more detailed information in other sections of our website. If you still have questions that are not answered within these sections please submit them to info@pevspaintball.com.

What is the minimum age to play?

The minimum age for regular paintball games at Pev’s is 8 years old. We also offer special Pee-Wee paintball options for ages 5 to 9 and more info regarding those can be found right here.

What is the address of the paintball park?

Pev’s Paintball Park
39835 New Rd
Aldie, VA 20105

*Please note that Google has our old store locations still on the web, we are trying to get them removed*

When are you open for game times?

Our playing fields are open for Private Group Reservations 7 days a week* when you make a reservation in advance. A full list of our Private Group options and prices can be found at https://www.pevs.com/group-play/small-groups.

We are open for Public Walk-On days on Saturday and Sunday all year long*. We will also have special discounted Public Walk-On days at various points throughout the year. A full schedule of our current Public Walk-On days can be found at https://www.pevs.com/walk-on-play.

*Please note that Pev’s Paintball is closed on major holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Make sure to check out our Calendar of Events for any other special closings.

What type of clothes should we wear?

You are allowed to wear whatever clothing you feel comfortable playing in based on the weather conditions. It’s our recommendation that you wear long pants to help protect your legs from low laying brush as well as bug bites in the tall grass but you are allowed to wear shorts if you like. Before you ask, yes the paint does wash out of the clothing but we don’t suggest wearing anything you want to keep from getting dirty.

The only restriction we have is that all players must be wearing a closed toe shoe of some sort. Due to safety reasons sandals, flip-flops or crocks are not allowed on the playing fields. No neon or bright colored clothes- Pev’s staff wears bright colors.

What are Public Walk-On Sessions?

Public Walk-On Sessions are game sessions that are designed to accommodate any number of players. When you arrive for a Public Walk-On session you and your friends will be mixed into a larger group of similarly skilled players which you will play with throughout the day. This means that beginners will be playing against other beginners. We separates our Walk-on players. Need a minimum of 10 players (rentals & own) to separate. If we have less than 10 players for either we will combine. We run multiple groups at a time so we never run out of space. No reservations required-Just show up and play.

A Public Walk-On Session is comparable to attending an amusement park where you ride the attractions with other guests. Staff Instructors are assigned to the group who act as supervisors and referees for the games and will be with your group all day long. Public Walk-On Sessions last all day long and you may come or go as you please.

Do you host Private Groups / Birthday Parties?

Of course we do. In fact Pev’s Paintball is one of the top choices in the DC Metro/NOVA area for birthday parties and other group events. We have a number of small group and birthday party options ranging in size based on your needs.

Private Group Reservations will not mix with other players as you and your friends will be playing on your own private playing fields. All of the information regarding our private events can be found at https://www.pevs.com/group-play/small-groups/

I have a GroupOn / Play Pass / Voucher / Etc. How do I use it?

Unless specifically stated on the pass itself, all of our vouchers are used for Public Walk-On Sessions and not Private Groups. In order to use any vouchers for Public Walk-On Sessions you simply need to bring the pass in with you and redeem it at the Check-In window on a day that has Walk-Ons scheduled. (Please visit https://www.pevs.com/walk-on-play for our current schedule.) If you are using any type of online sales voucher you may show us a copy on your smart phone.

Since a number of third-party organizations sell discount passes it is suggested to read all of the details printed on your pass to ensure you understand the restrictions and limitations on it. Pev’s Paintball cannot be held responsible for any misinformation given to you by the distributor of the voucher.

My Coupon / Voucher expired, can I still use it?

If your voucher has expired you are still able to redeem it for it’s full listed value for 14 days after the expiration, but on Sundays only. You do not need to contact us in advance to use an expired voucher, just bring it with you to the check-in window.

You can not use expired vouchers toward food, retail items. That voucher amount can only be used toward original item Open Play Walk On.

How much do extra paintballs cost?

We currently offer paintballs in the following quantities:
100 extra paintballs = $4.99
500 extra paintballs = $24.99

*The average player will shoot approximately 500 paintballs in a day.

**Reminder only paintballs purchased at Pev’s with Pev’s Logo printed on them allowed to be use at Pev’s Paintball Park. Pev’s offers 2 different formula of paintballs Winter formula and Summer formula. Please note Winter formula can only be used in 55 degree or cooler temperatures and Summer formula in 55 degree or warmer temperatures.**

Can we bring our own paintballs?

All paint used at Pev’s must be purchased through us. Pev’s Paintball Park uses a special formulation of paint that is created to meet our specifications and the environmental limitations set forth by the county we are in. In order to ensure that only the proper bio-degradable paintballs are use on our property, all of our paint has our logo imprinted on the ball.

**Reminder only paintballs purchased at Pev’s with Pev’s Logo printed on them allowed to be use at Pev’s Paintball Park. Pev’s offers 2 different formula of paintballs Winter formula and Summer formula. Please note Winter formula can only be used in 55 degree or cooler temperatures and Summer formula in 55 degree or warmer temperatures.**

We have never played paintball before. Are we still allowed to play at Pev’s?

We welcome players of all skill levels at our facility. As a matter of fact many of our customers each day are first-time players and we keep our groups separated based on skill level. This means that beginner players will only be playing against other beginner players away from the advanced players. This ensures that the matches stay even and everyone has the best time possible.

After you get checked-in and pick up your equipment, our Staff Instructors will give you a safety briefing before you head on to the playing fields. During this briefing they will explain to you how to properly use your equipment as well as the rules of paintball.

While on the playing fields our staff will monitor the games to ensure that everyone is staying safe. Our staff also does their best to help educate less experienced players and offer them tips and strategies between games so they can constantly increase their skill level.

Do I have to at your park before 10:30am on the weekends to be able to play?

No, that is just the earliest time we will check-in players. You are more than welcome to show up between the Check-In Times posted on our website. Keep in mind that our rates stay the same no matter what time you show up, so it’s suggested you show up earlier in the day to get the best value for your dollar. Our Check-In Times do change based on the time of year and it is recommended that you check the current times at https://www.pevs.com/walk-on-play.

How long are we allowed to play?

If you are playing in one of our Public Walk-On Sessions you are allowed to stay and play until our closing time. Your package comes with a limited number of paintballs which should last the average player a few hours. If you run out of paint and you wish to continue playing you can purchase more paintballs from either our Pro Shop on site.

If you are playing in one of our Private Group Reservations or Birthday Parties then your play time is limited to your reserved time slot. After your play session, if members of your group would like to join our Public Walk-On Sessions they may do so for an additional $15.00 charge per person. Please keep in mind that this option is only available on days that have Public Walk-On Sessions. Please visit https://www.pevs.com/walk-on-play for a current schedule.

Be aware that our Staff Instructors are assigned to multiple groups throughout the day. Because of this, if you show up late for your Private Group Reservation we cannot extend your play session past your scheduled play time.

Will we be playing by ourselves?

If you are playing in one of Public Walk-On Sessions you and your friends will be mixed into a larger group session with other public players. You will be allowed to stay together on the same team as your friends, unless of course you prefer to be on opposite sides. The choice is yours.

If you are playing in a Private Group Reservation then you will only be playing against the other members of your group and will never be against strangers.

Do we only get to play on one of your playing fields?

Simply put, no. Pev’s offers a variety of fields ranging from small natural terrain fields to larger tactical fields like our Town or Fort maps. During your play time at our facility you will be the chance to rotate through a number of these fields as time allows. On average your group will play two or three games on one field before rotating to the next available course. If you have a favorite field you prefer to play on just let your assigned Staff Official know.

Are you open in the rain or snow?

Yes we are. The great thing about paintball is that it can be played in most weather conditions any time of the year. The only time we do not allow players on the fields if when there is lightening. In the case of lightening we follow the same rules as a public pool and bring all of our players off of the fields for approximately 30 mins to wait out the weather.

If for some unforeseen reason we need to close the facility for weather conditions, we will post that information to the front of our website and Facebook pages.

What do we wear? Is the paint washable?

Clothes you do not mind getting dirty. Paint is 100% washable. Looser clothing so you can move, run and jump. Long sleeve and pants. No open toe shoes. Please re-frame from wearing neon colors (orange, pink, lime etc…), neon colors are what our staff wears. Dress for the weather and to get dirty.