Labor Day

Park & Pro Shop will be open 3 days
Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Pro Shop times: 10am-5pm all 3 days
Park Saturday & Sunday:
Check In: 10:30am-3pm
Play Time: 11am-5pm
Park Monday:
Check In: 10:30am-1pm
Play Time: 11am-3pm

A Letter from Pev

Dear Customers,
Pev’s was opened over 20 years ago to offer a fun and exciting place to play paintball and to offer a place to buy and service paintball equipment, supplies, and paintballs.

I am Mike “Pev” Peverill and I am the Owner and Founder of Pev’s. I started Pev’s in 1993 to provide a venue for paintball enthusiast. In the early 90’s, you needed to drive nearly 2 hours to play with other paintball enthusiast and if you wanted to buy paintball products, you needed to order for a mail order catalog since the Internet did NOT exist at this time.

Important Paintball Information

If you bought Pev’s branded paintballs before November 1st due to the weather change you may not use them till April.

-Pev’s branded paintballs bought before November 1st may break inside the paintball markers, its made for weather above 60 degrees.

-Pev’s branded paintballs bought after November 1st is made with colder formula.

-If you have any questions regarding paintballs please ask staff.


CLOSED January 1

Pev’s Park and Pro Shop will be CLOSED January 1st.  Happy New Year!

CLOSED Easter Sunday

Pev’s Park & Pro Shop is CLOSED on Sunday, April 16! Happy Easter!

Open on weekends

Pev’s Park is open every Saturday & Sunday for play- Paintball and Airsoft Walk On play. Check In: 10:30am-3pm Play Time: 11am-5pm

Open in the Rain

Pev’s Paintball Park & Pro Shop will be open in the rain.

Winter Hours

December 1-March 3

Park Hours: Saturday-Sunday

Check In:10:30am-1pm

Play Time: 11am-3pm

 Pro Shop Hours: 
Monday-Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday-Sunday 10:am-4pm

Happy Holiday’s