Please send any and all fundraising / donation inquiries in writing to the following address:

Pevs Community Support
7371 Atlas Walk Way
Box 215
Gainesville, VA 20155

Please allow up to 6 weeks for a reply from when we receive your fundraising/donation request. 

Silent Auctions: We provide 2 packs of ten passes valued at $450 per pack to auction off ($900 total value). You keep the funds raised.

Fund Raiser Days: We provide you 2 days called Loudoun South Eagles Baseball Club Day (example). Your team sells the passes for the price you choose (the value on the them is $45 per pass). The pass include All Day Field Fee, Unlimited Air Fills, and Equipment Rental with Safety Gear. No paintballs are included, Pevs will sell bags of paintballs at the park and Pevs will keep that revenue. However, if you sell the passes for less than half price at $20 and you sell 50 passes, your team makes $1000. We do this for several youth leagues and they love it because they make good money for their teams.

Pev’s Paintball has a fantastic fund raising / sponsorship program that support youth leagues like yours in the area.

Our program allows your members to make $40 for EVERY $50 Paintball Pass Booklet. It’s a very easy program, if your members sell 100 booklets; your team makes $4,000. After the fundraiser is complete, you return any booklets you did not sell along with $10 for each booklet sold. A great fundraiser, if every parent purchased just one booklet for $50, look at the fundraising potential you would have for your league. These booklets don’t have to be sold to the parents; they can be sold to friends, neighbors, etc.

The booklet includes six (6) All Day Admissions with Rental & Safety Equipment valued $300 ($50 each admission). This fundraiser offers an incredible savings of $250.

Why does Pev’s take so little from the sale?

Instead of Pev’s spending tens of thousands of dollars with print, radio and television advertising, we use a grass roots approach to help the youth leagues in the community. So the money we save not advertising in traditional media, we donate back to the youth leagues from Booklet sales.

This program was limited to a few local leagues in the past such as Gainesville Grizzlies, Gainesville Cannons, Fauquier Freeze, Virginia Generals, Springfield Youth Lacrosse, and BRYC Football. Now, Pev’s has opened this program open to more youth leagues due to its request from other leagues.