Airsoft Big Game Information

Date: Sunday, December 3, 2017

Pre-Register by 5pm Friday, December 1, 2017.

$30 No BB’s included

Pre Register Link:

**Rentals are available and limited-Must call to reserve 703-327-7640**

At Door Registration
$35 No BB’s Included

$30 with purchase of BB’s

Rules: All Pev’s Airsoft Rules apply.
– Semi-Automatic Only, excepted for Squad Automatic Weapon or Light Machine Gun.
Medic Rules:-Each Medic will have a elastic bandage, which they will have to wrap around                            completely of the wounded player and apply pressure for 30 seconds.
– Bleed out time of 3 minutes
– Reinsert every 15 minutes (rules may change due to attendance)

Now it’s your chance to help the side you believe in!

Scenario & Rules Information:

* Must fill out a Field Waiver Form (Player’s and Spectators – Spectators must have proper eye and face protection).

* Use of 5 different fields (Sniper Ridge, Devastation, Outpost, Borderlands and Wicked Woods).

* There will be Missions, Props, Generals, XO’s and Medics.

* Includes all day air for those that have Pneumatic guns.

* Charging stations at staging areas.

* Standard Rules apply


  1. All weapons entering Pev’s cannot have a magazine loaded and must have a barrel blocking device. (barrel sock, plastic cap, ect.)
  2. Players are not allowed to remove barrel blocking devices untill instructed by a referee of Pev’s.
  3. All airsoft weapons must be treated like real weapons at all times and never pointed at players unless on the field during the games. No firing of any kind in or around in the parking areas.
  4. The maximum fps for any airsoft gun on an outdoor field is no more then 400 fps* (*some parks my have lower speeds so check each fields requirements before showing up to play.)
  5. Players must choronograph (test the speed of their weapon) using a .20g 6mm bb.
  6. All airsoft guns must be pump action (springer), gas (CO2 or green gas) or electric (AEG) driven. If you have some other type of weapon than these, you must get prior approval by a Pev’s Ref before playing.
  7. Airsoft weapons may fire in the single shoot, semiauto or full auto firing mode.
  8. Airsoft shotguns may use a single bb or several bb’s at a time.
  9. Shotgun may shoot a size 8mm bb.
  10. Sniper rifles are allowed and they must be a single shoot bolt action and may shoot up to a maximum 400fps with a .20g, 6mm bb. It is recommended that all sniper players carry a sidearm to engage in CQB at ranges closer than 100ft.
  11. All Players must have their weapon ready to fire when at the chronoing station for a referee to check the speed.
  12. Minimum age to participate is 10 years old.
  13. All players must wear full face protection approved by the field that you are playing on.
  14. No Goggles or mesh masks will be Allowed. Paintball Goggles are the best source.
  15. At no times will any fireworks, flash bangs or pyrotechnic devices be allowed on the field.
  16. There are a variety of green gas and CO2 driven devices out on the market today. If there are questions about this subject contact the Fields Head Ref on hand to get approval prior to deployment of any devices. Non-Compliance will be grounds for dismissal.
  17. The permission to deploy multiple bb showers, booby traps, devices similar to the M203’s and any other devices will be determined by the field Ref prior to deployment.
  18. If Nerf type mortars are deployed in an engagement anyone who is within in a 10 ft radius of a Nerf mortar impact would be considered eliminated and must exit the field. For any questions regarding “Nerf” or other projectis please talk with the Pev’s referees.
  19. At no times will there be any hand-to-hand combat or fighting of any kind.
  20. Swearing will not be tolerated on the field.  Pev’s is a family atmosphere
  21. Anyone demonstrating any unsafe behavior will be deemed as unfit to participate and will be asked to leave with No Refund!
  22. You must surrender to an enemy if he is within 5 feet of you and you are unaware of his presence.  He must have a clear shot of you when he tells you to surrender.  You must comply without question if the attacker is within your 5 foot safety zone.  If any player has any dispute, he will be expected to resolve the dispute in a professional manner.
  23. The Bang-Bang Rule:   There is a five (5ft) minimum engagement rule.  Any opponent may shoot someone if they are more than five (5ft) away.  Any engagement closer than five (5ft), then both participants are out at the same time. If there is a dispute over a questionable bad call then a parlay is called.  A parlay means that a second person witnessed and verified the hit or miss, whichever the case may be.
  24. A player is eliminated from a game when he or she:
  1. Is hit and call yourself out.  (HIT! HIT! HIT!). Move quickly off the field.
  2. Is hit with a bb anywhere on your body this includes any gear that you are wearing.
  3. Is hit by your own team (Friendly Fire does count as a hit).
  4. Walk off the field for any reason.
  1. When you are hit by a bb you are required to place a hand above your head and call yourself out as an eliminated player. Exit the Field as quickly as possible and do not assume that you will not get shot anymore when you call yourself out.  Protect yourself at all times. In the heat of battle peoples’ adrenaline is pumping so do not get frustrated if you get hit again on the way off the field.
  2. Dead men tell no tales. Dead men can not talk with live players. They can only talk with other players that are dead.
  3. After a player calls themselves out they must proceed off of the field to the designated dead men regeneration location.
  4. Gun hits and/or ricochets hits do not count as a hit. This is based off the honor system.
  5. Always follow these 4 rules of gun safety AT ALL TIMES
  1. Treat all guns as if they are loaded.
  2. Never let the muzzle of the gun point at anything that you do not want to destroy including yourself.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger when not aiming at a target with a safe backstop.
  4. Be absolutely sure of your target and what is behind it.
  1. Have fun and play with honor and professionalism. Never cheat or break any of the above rules. If any of the rules are broken by a player they may be asked to leave the park with no refund. These rules are for your safety and the safety of others. Remember the referee is the judge on the field and his/her ruling is final.

* Chrono limit 400fps with .20 BB’s.

* Must have the following: Sealed Eye Protection (No Mesh eye covering), Covering of Ears-Nose-Mouth protection, Paintball type barrel cover for ALL guns on the fields and Red Dead Flag. You may rent full face mask – $10.

* Age limit 13+.

**All BB’s MUST be bought from Pev’s – to comply with Loudoun County’s environmental rules. Caught using outside BB’s will result of dismissal from property with no refund*