Winter Paintball

Pev’s Paintball is open for game play all year long. Yes that means even it’s raining or snowing you can still play. Because of the tactical challenges that snow covered ground can introduce, winter is a great time to play. Read up on a few of our Winter Tips to keep yourselves in the game when battling it out in the cold.

  • The ground can get slippery so please wear shoes with good ankle support and traction. Please be careful to watch for slippery areas all around the property.
  • Dress appropriately for the conditions as there are no indoor accommodations for players. All of our playing fields and staging areas are outside. Gloves and warm hats are strongly recommended.
  • Always bring an extra set of clothes to change into before you leave. You will get wet and muddy playing in the snow.
  • Bring a room temperature cooler to keep your equipment and paint in when not in use. The insulated cooled will help limit the effects of the outside temperatures on your paintballs and gear.
  • Always keep your paintballs at room temperature. Paintballs will go bad and turn too brittle if they are exposed to the cold for too long, causing them to break inside of your guns. Keep them in an insulated cooler when playing outside.
  • Keep yourself warm and hydrated. Even though it’s cold, you will still be sweating and you want to avoid dehydration. Hot chocolate, hot coffee and hot food are always available at Pev’s.